Start Thinking About Your Set Makeup

How you organize your set makeup this year can really take some strokes off your scorecard. Take the time to evaluate which clubs you need in your bag and which ones you don’t.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go through a typical round of golf and count the number of times you use each club (example: Driver 14 times, Putter 32 times, etc..)
  • Now determine how confident you are with each club
  • If your stuck, let’s setup a time to do a “bag audit” and find the best solution for your game
  • Remove or replace the clubs that are not helping you score

What most people will find is that they need to add a new wedge, or don’t need those 4 & 5 irons anymore. Your club makeup is more than likely going to change, and making that change now allows you time to adjust your game and body to the new set makeup.

Having the correct clubs in your bag can take a bunch of strokes off your score and help to rebuild confidence in the areas that were lacking in 2012.

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