Tool Time

If you are thinking about re-tooling your golf equipment then this is a great time to make the adjustment.  Since you are probably not playing as much, mostly due to the cooler conditions, this would be a wonderful time to “tinker” with your bag.  You might want to try out different golf shafts in your driver, look into a better club head for your irons, or finally get the putter fitting you have been talking about.

During the “main” season it is difficult to make equipment changes because it can take an extended period of time to get used to the switch.  The change may be better for your golf swing but your body and mind need to get on the same page.  Tour players are always looking through their equipment and how they can tweak theirs slightly to make a huge improvement.  However, rarely do you see the top players make glaring changes around the big events.

Take an audit of your golf bag and look at the clubs that may be:

  1. Worn or Outdated
  2. Don’t feel great when you hit it
  3. You’re not confident with it in your hands
  4. The weighting feels off
  5. Hard to hold (i.e Slippery)

These are a few indicators that you may need a simple solution such as a grip change or a full overhaul of one or more golf clubs.  Give me a call and we can take an audit of your golf bag together and find the right solutions to help you improve your game for the following season.



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