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On Tour

Based in Orlando FL, Andrew not only teaches his students from his base, but travels around the world with them to help them improve their game. Andrew offers advice on the range to his Korean student, HK Seo, 2011 LPGA Rookie of the Year Winner of the 2012 Kraft Nabisco, Sun Young Yoo With Andy […]

Golfing on a Budget

It’s well known that golfing can be an expensive hobby. Between the cost of clubs and equipment, greens fees and memberships, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny for your time on the course. But, there are ways to play the game and still be frugal. So, if you’re golfing on a budget, here are […]

Golf as a Workout

Golf’s reputation for being a sport lacking in physical fitness is not necessarily true. In fact, golf can be a great workout, if you let it be. When you ditch the cart, beer and typical course vices – like smoking or dipping – golf can be beneficial to your health. If someone with an average […]

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